2021 Fiat Argo New Design Preview & Prices Details

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The 2021 Version of Fiat Argo will get to the US and European autos market in late January 2021. There is great expectation that the Fiat Argo 2021 will be offered in the Sport version. So with this short article, we will find out more details about 2021 Argo.

2021 Fiat Argo with new exterior layout

2021 Fiat Argo New Design Preview

As we all know, The Fiat Argo is an SUV with modernity, modern technology, security, and also comfort. Honestly, The 2021 design of Fiat Argo does not arrive with lots of adjustments in its interior, but it is anticipated that it provides some slight visual changes. One is their innovation. Fiat has yet to reveal the number of variations will be available for the Fiat Argo 2021, yet currently, the current version is offered in 8 trims model.

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2021 Fiat Argo Standart Equipment

Which individual does not such as modernity and also technology? A lot of chauffeurs try to find a vehicle that offers comfort, safety and security, economic climate, but also has technology included. All this you can discover in the brand-new Fiat Argo 2021, although it is a slightly simpler design of its section. Here are what you get from the new 2021 Argo:

  • Electric windows and latches
  • Two front airbags
  • Electrical direction
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Foglamp
  • Banks with ISOFIX
  • Twilight sensor
  • On-board computer
  • The multi-functional steering wheel and rear shift gearshift fins
  • Traction controls
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Assistant rampart
  • Reverse sensor
  • Reverse camera
  • Digital air conditioning.

Engine Options

The 2021 Argo provide three engine option: Engine 1.0 flex, 1.3 flex, and 1.8 flex. The 2021 Argo 1.0 flex engine City consumption is Km/L – 9.9 with alcohol and 14.2 with gasoline and Road consumption is (Km / L) – 10.7 with alcohol and 15.1 with gasoline.

Argo 1.8 flex Engine City consumption (Km / L) is 9.2 with alcohol and 12.9 with gasoline and Road consumption (Km / L) – 10.2 with alcohol and 14.3 with gasoline. While 1.8 flex Engine City consumption (Km / L) is 7.8 with alcohol and 11.4 with gasoline and Road consumption (Km / L) – 9.2 with alcohol and 13.3 with gasoline.

2021 Fiat Argo Prices

2021 Fiat Argo Official Preview

As I mentioned above, the 2021 Argo comes out with an 8 trims model, so the price is also different from one to another. Here are the price details:

  • 2021 Argo 1.0 flex manual: from $ 12200
  • Argo Drive 1.0 flex manual: from $ 12900
  • Argo Drive 1.3 manual flex: from $ 14900
  • Argo Drive 1.3 flex GSR: from $ 16200
  • Argo Precision 1.8 flex manual: from $ 16800
  • Argo Precision 1.8 automatic flex: from $ 18500
  • Argo HGT 1.8 flex manual: from $ 17700
  • Argo HGT 1.8 automatic flex: from $ 19300.