2023 Acura CDX Redesign, Release Date

The Acura models are being spruced up for 2023. One of them is 2023 Acura CDX is the compact luxury crossover made by Acura that sits below the RDX and it was showed first time 2 years back.The model has been sold only in the Chinese market so far but a buzz of the company launching it in the US market has been doing the rounds. A hybrid version will be also in offer.2023 Acura CDX Concept, Engine and Release Date

2023 Acura CDX exterior is similar to the HR-V model

The 2023 Acura CDX is based on the subcompact HR-V crossover and so design similarities are bound to be there. The model will feature an aerodynamic design and newly led headlamps that looks very unique. It will also get attractive alloy wheels and stylish bumpers.There will be also present some of the chrome materials on the roof rails, side window openings, rocker panels and more can be found on the rear bumper. If we look at front fascia we will see three large openings that are also available on some BMW SUVs models.

2023 Acura CDX interior will be lavish

The cabin of the upcoming 2023 Acura CDX will be very attractive and techy. It will offer lavish materials and several amenities will be there. Advanced noise insulating will be also there to give maximum quiet in the cabin.It will be able to accumulate five people with the folding second-row bench for additional cargo room. The cargo capacity will not be too high.

Safety and Amenities

The upcoming 2023 Acura CDX and its hybrid version will be available with plenty of advanced safety technologies and enough amenities to woo target buyers. You can expect plenty of airbags, lane keeps assist, blind spot monitor, automated emergency braking and rarer view camera.There will be amenities including multi-zone climate control, sunroof, heated seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel. Acura may also offer several packages that will let buyers customize the vehicle as per their preferences.

2023 Acura CDX engine versions

The existing version of Acura CDX has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 8-speed dual-clutch transmission unit. This engine is capable to produce 182 HP. It comes with front wheel system as standard and there is all-wheel drive as optional.From some test this type of engine run from zero to 60 mph in 8.5 sec with the top speed of 130mph.We also expect a Hybrid version of this CUV. Details of that hybrid powertrain at this moment are unknown. The fuel economy is also expectd to be good on both versions.2023 Acura CDX Concept, Engine and Release Date

2023 Acura CDX price and availability

The exact price and release date of upcoming Acura CDX and the hybrid variant remains unknown. We expect to debut sometime in 2023. The price should be a tad above the RDX version.

Summing it up

Acura did not launch the CDX model in the USA previously but that is going to change soon. The rivals like Infiniti, Cadillac and JLR all have an extensive presence in the US market and Acura can not afford to keep its portfolio limited.The hybrid version is going to help Acura to woo more buyers and all rivals are launching either electric or hybrid versions soon. A lot of things about the upcoming version of the 2023 Acura CDX are yet to be confirmed.